Currently it's just me Calvin. I love building websites and do that for a living. It's getting harder to manage them all so adding another one was not a decision I took lightly. I am getting back into fishing and carp fishing, my partner also enjoys some of the aspects. I am particularly interested in the aspect of fishing abroad and the lakes that are springing up to satisfy anglers demands. I intend on putting up a France page for sure so the best places to go. Sure there are a lot of carp fishing sites already so we will see how it goes.

calvin and carp

Me with a monster mirror!

I look forwards to getting the site filled out and finding the bloggers and vloggers among you who are keen to get some stuff on here. I can't do it alone. I am very generous with credit.

I have enough sites out there to know it is tough to get a site popular. I just got fed up with not having my own space to publish the better things into on a subject I am getting into.

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