Sunglasses That Work For Watersports

You may have already experienced the difference posed by polarised lenses. They certainly help you to see under the water by a very good margin. How Do Polarised Lenses Work? A filter is a mechanism that can block certain kinds of light and let others through. Think of it working like a sieve, you want…
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fishing tales 00

Today was pretty freaky at my local day ticket water fields end water in Cambs. It was hot, loving this weather btw, but get that it is hard and some waters have a little less oxygen than they might. So why was today freaky. Well the water isn’t clear I can’t imagine it being clear.…
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Fluorocarbon Leaders

Questions I had on fluorocarbon and or ‘leaders’1. Is a leader something you need when distance fishing- to make sure you don’t snap off on the cast?2. Is a leader a specialist piece of gear like the sea fishing leaders that taper? I don’t think so so far!3. Is leadcore harmful for fish?4. Why use…
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Float fishing for carp near the surface

Fishing For Carp with the Float and PelletAs the weather improves the fish come up in the water. This angling times article is ideal if you have the warmer weather bringing carp up in the water. You get an idea of how to rig the pellet.I am preferring the sound of the hair rig rather…
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Pellet takes first fish of 2018

It’s been busy so I haven’t had much opportunity to get a fish in and let it be known I’m a fair weather type.. I had also my first rod pod to try out as I’m hard core old school with banksticks previously. I was fishing a good day ticket water called fields end that…
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Hinged Stiff Rig

Why Use a Hinged Stiff RigIn situations when there is not too much debris around (otherwise use a CHOD rig) and you want to pop up a bait off the bottom then the hinged stiff rig and the many variants you will find can be used with the advantages of:Superior hookingSafetyAnti tangleResetingConfidenceMore InfoGardner Tackle

chod rig

An Introduction to Chod Rigs How To and When To Use

Chod?Chod is a fishing term that loosely refers to debris such as fallen leaves or heavy silt and or weed on the bottom. In Autumn and into winter if you are fishing hard to the deck in chod you really are making life difficult for the carp to find your bait. Chod rigs are designed…
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Carp Edema Virus (CEV) News

National Fisheries Services Contact them on any suspicious fish finds Oct 10 ยท 5 min read Learn more to combat CEV Good Reason to ALWAYS DIP your nets! CEV is a virus that is important to understand and prevent. If you love your carp (this virus seems to target commons) then clicking the link provided…
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Yorkshire Pudding for Bait? Date: 19 Feb 2018 A rookie angler left her fellow fishermen stunned when she hooked a wary carp by using floating YORKSHIRE PUDDING as bait. Molly Payne was enjoying a dangle on one of her local lakes when she spotted the fish were shoaled up near to the surface. Pictured: Molly with the carp…
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lake sunrise

Carp Fishing World Born

I wanted to mark the occasion on this very first post by saying that the site is live and underway. I just found a lack of images online so turned to a carp fishing tackle for sale group for help. The amount of people ready and willing to share info and images was overwhelming. You…
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