Carp Fishing World Born

Carp Fishing World Born

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I wanted to mark the occasion on this very first post by saying that the site is live and underway. I just found a lack of images online so turned to a carp fishing tackle for sale group for help. The amount of people ready and willing to share info and images was overwhelming. You will start to see them on this website shortly some will go into making the bigger images and others will be going in to a gallery with thanks to you all. There are far too many to go through in a weekend properly.

So what’s the site going to be about? Well I always love to fish abroad and at home but I wanted to explore the new demand for carp fishing in places like france. It became quickly obvious that spain and other places were also coming to the fore. So where to go and fish for big carp is going to be a thing but also we will see if we get interest from readers to write on a number of topics. Please send your interest with the form below, thanks.

So the site is going to evolve slowly and hopefully you will subscribe to the articles that we will look to write. Fancy yourself as a writer or vlogger? Please do send in your videos and a story and we will share the best weekly. If you are interested in helping a site out and learning then we would love to get you onboard, you will just need a computer and browser and some time each week. We can’t of course pay you but you wll get kudos and credit for your efforts and you will learn something new.

Let’s hope we get you hooked up!

Calvin Crane

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