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Carp Edema Virus (CEV) News

National Fisheries Services Contact them on any suspicious fish finds Oct 10 ยท 5 min read Learn more to combat CEV Good Reason to ALWAYS DIP your nets! CEV is a virus that is important to understand and prevent. If you love your carp (this virus seems to target commons) then clicking the link provided…
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Yorkshire Pudding for Bait? Date: 19 Feb 2018 A rookie angler left her fellow fishermen stunned when she hooked a wary carp by using floating YORKSHIRE PUDDING as bait. Molly Payne was enjoying a dangle on one of her local lakes when she spotted the fish were shoaled up near to the surface. Pictured: Molly with the carp…
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Carp Fishing World Born

I wanted to mark the occasion on this very first post by saying that the site is live and underway. I just found a lack of images online so turned to a carp fishing tackle for sale group for help. The amount of people ready and willing to share info and images was overwhelming. You…
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