Today was pretty freaky at my local day ticket water fields end water in Cambs.

It was hot, loving this weather btw, but get that it is hard and some waters have a little less oxygen than they might.
So why was today freaky. Well the water isn't clear I can't imagine it being clear. It's really well stocked and the only time you see fish is bow waves and leaping from the water. A lot of that was going down today. That was all cool.
The uncool thing was a surface marker float was going around the lake fish attached! It does show how much carp rove around as we know. But it probably was a stressed fish.
I am not sure why one might break the line above the marker float and possibly there will be a nice end to this story and that fish doesn't die.
Same evening sesh- I get a take from the surface and hauled in a nice double figure just around but It had a different marker float and line and hook which all got tangled up, I will get the photo for you, the only one I took today, I didn't video the other marker float going around. I get pissed of doing shit on my phone at times want to be in the moment sans mobile. There was not two hooks in this fish, somehow I got tangled when this fish took my bait and I saw no float before the take so it suggests it was hooked and submerged and during the fight the hook came out??? I never saw this before it was one of those days!
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