Float fishing for carp near the surface

Float fishing for carp near the surface

Fishing For Carp with the Float and Pellet

As the weather improves the fish come up in the water. This angling times article is ideal if you have the warmer weather bringing carp up in the water. You get an idea of how to rig the pellet.

I am preferring the sound of the hair rig rather than banding direct to the hook bend.

How to tie the Grinner or Uni Knot

In this rig you will require knowledge of how to tie the grinner or uni knot for the band to hair.

Twisted Hair to Pellet Band Technique

Here is an interesting 'twist' on the tying of the pellet band, it is in simple terms a twisted hair that is whipped along the shank with a knotless knot as per usual for a standard hair rig. I would be interested to know if you find the extra stiffness of the twists good or bad on the hair. It is a simple technique but requires fluorocarbon or monofilament line, the former is better as it can be 'trained' and retains a shape.

Waggler Fishing Guide

If you would like to delve a little deeper into the specifics of wagglers and float fishing then this guide is a great place to start with some tips and equipment that can make your fishing better. Waggler Float Fishing Guide

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