Fluorocarbon Leaders

Fluorocarbon Leaders

Questions I had on fluorocarbon and or 'leaders'

1. Is a leader something you need when distance fishing- to make sure you don't snap off on the cast?

2. Is a leader a specialist piece of gear like the sea fishing leaders that taper? I don't think so so far!

3. Is leadcore harmful for fish?

4. Why use a stronger leader than mainline? It is said this is needed in order to not crack off on the cast. SPODing also uses shock leaders.

5. Why use fluorocarbon? Watch the video for some reasons why.

I can't recall seeing Joe Morgan before on Youtube but he makes sense in a world where most of you lot don't- at least not to me. So that's why I selected this video as number one when it comes to understanding the role that fluoro can play in carp fishing.

Some Answers

I have yet to fish a lake that requires a great distance of cast so it is hard for me to answer question 1. I am always asking the wider community for their opinion on this one! I do know that you can get tapered leaders when distance casting for surf and I think this is where the technique may come from.

Is Leadcore Harmful for Fish?

I have read a long thread on the carp.com forum here and there appears to be many fishermen who are seeing the negative effects and turning away from leadcore.

As a beginner/intermediate I have to say that it has a high barrier of entry to use, though you can buy them ready made. It just doesn't sound good to me from what I have read and people's real experiences. I have to accept that fishing does put fish in harms way and we must do as much as possible to keep them safe and well.

Why use a stronger leader than mainline?

I can surmise that a leader needs to be stronger as that is the most likely part to crack off on the cast. Indeed read up on leaders here. It answers a lot. http://anglinglines.com/blog/shock-leaders-lines-knots-what-you-need-to-know/

Carp Fishing Leaders and Tackle

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