Barrington’s Carp Fishery

Drive and Survive and Chalet Option

The 8 acre lake is described in reviews as EDEN! Located a handy 4 hours 10 minutes from Calais it can also be fished as a long weekend saturday to wednesday. The lake can be booked privately for your group. Facilities for drive and survive can include a food option of breakfast and Evening two course meal. A chalet is available and can accommodate 4 people. This is available when the lake is on non private weeks and exclusive weeks.

The Fishing

7 swims provide your entry point into a good stock of quality fish. Your pegs will be drawn if you are a mixed group of individuals and they try to group mates together.

Barrington's Lake


A shower is provided and 2 toilets.

Fridge. If you need something freezing temporarily again Barry and Yve are making their home freezer an option.

Charging Station (Solar Powered) backed up by our extending us taking your things to charge at our home in extremis.

Chalet - sleeps 4 people 1 double bed and 2 singles.


Your fishing holiday commences at 12.30pm on Saturdays and there is no admittance to the site before this and you must leave the lake no later than 10am the following Saturday

  1. Unhooking system (Avid Cradles) weigh slings (Avid) and landing nets are provided to prevent cross contamination. Leave your cradles, slings and nets at home!
  2. No unattended rods - extra care must be taken when fishing close to snags
  3. Take great care of the fish. All fish to be returned to the lake immediately after weighing, applying antiseptic and taking photos
  4. Boilies: No shelf life boilies / ready-made boilies are permitted at Barrington’s. We advise a good quality freezer bait or our bespoke rolled ‘Bazza’ bait
  5. Only particles purchased on site to be used due to fish deaths
  6. 3 rods max per angler
  7. Micro barbed hooks only - no crushed barbs and no barbless hooks
  8. No hooks smaller than size 8 or larger than size 2 to be used
  9. No braided mainlines or leaders including Safe Zone, rig tubing is encouraged
  10. No nuts, halibut pellets or trout pellets
  11. No braided mainlines, rig tubing is encouraged
  12. Use rigs that are safe for the fish, if in doubt ask
  13. Bait boats are allowed
  14. All vehicles to be parked in the designated parking area.
  15. No swimming and no inflatable boats or similar
  16. No tree climbing and no fires
  17. Drink responsibly – (accidents that happen under the influence of alcohol are not covered by French public liability insurance)
  18. Fishing during lightning storms is not advised and is done so at your own risk
  19. Fishing is strictly limited to Barrington’s - DO NOT fish the neighbouring lake which is private property
  20. Please treat the site and nature with respect, leave all litter which includes cigarette ends and bottle tops in the bins provided and leave your swim in the manner that you would wish to find it
  21. All unused baits to be taken home, binned or donated to the bailiff. (Do not dispose into the lake.)
  22. No loud radios
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