Bill’s Lakes

Overview of Bill's Lakes

Located in the middle of France with a history of more than 40 years, Bill's Lake is the perfect destination for your carp fishing holiday. We are easily connected to Calais and Dunkirk which are only 200 miles away.  You can choose from a variety of five French carp lakes offering you with a different surprise in every other one and well stocked with the quality fish of Bill's Lake.

Set in the picturesque backdrop of a variety of birch, willow and larch trees lining the borders of all the five lakes, French carp fishing is an exquisite experience at Bill's Lake. The lakes are having an average depth of 9 feet with a bottom of silt and gravel. Fishes can be easily caught in the gravel bars, little drop offs and little islands in the lakes.

The Fishing

The Bills Lake 1 contains big carp, giant catfishes, grass carp and sturgeon spread over 14 acres with 9 swims. The lake 2 is lined with willow and birch trees and spread over 3.5 acres with an enormous stock of the carp. The third lake boasts of swims along one edge and the other bank is out of bounds with very high fish stock. The fourth lake will be filled with surprises for you to combat. The last and the fifth lake is the unfished lake and has a myth fish of 62 lb 70 oz.


They have clean English style toilets and showers available for their guests 24/7 and also charging point at the lakes where you can easily charge your phone and boat batteries. They also have a small tackle shop selling all kinds of sticky baits, bits, bobs and Bill's Lake clothing. A McDonalds and Hypermarket are nearby within a 5-mile radius and even the local pizza shop delivers the Pizzas directly to the lake.


  1. Maximum 3-rod limit.
  2. Minimum mainline f 15lb
  3. Do not leave your rods unattended at any time.
  4. No braided rods are allowed.
  5. Use of lead core is banned.
  6. Bent Hook patterns and death rigs are not allowed.
  7. The Minimum landing net of 42" is to be used.
  8. DO NOT fold the fish above knee height.
  9. DO NOT stand while holding fish
  10. Swims to be kept clean and tidy.
  11. All the rubbish, cigarette buts, rigs etc. to be placed in the black bin bag.
  12. All the fish’s above 40lb should be transferred to the weight sling in the water before lifting out.
  13. Keep an unhooking mat under the fish for photos.
  14. NO Loud music or fires are allowed.
  15. Unsolicited Behavior will not be tolerated.
  16. Kindly close the gates behind you.
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