Bluewater Lakes

Overview of the Bluewater lakes

Located in the beautiful Champagne-Ardennes region of France, away from the noisy hustle bustle of the town, Bluewater Lake promises of an exciting French carp fishing holiday. This private estate is just 3.5 hours’ drive from Calais and a few minutes away from Brianne le Chateaux.
Spread over 25 acres, Bluewater Lake has the main lake of 14 acres and the other lake of 1.3 acres well stocked with carp up to 80 lbs.

The Fishing

Bluewater Lake is spread over 25 acres of the classic French countryside, offering the main lake of 14 acres with depth ranging from 4 feet at the shallows and 18 feet at the deepest.  There are 10 gravelled swims out of which four are doubles. In every swim, there is unhooking mat and weight slings.  The other lake is 1.3 acre with a depth range of 3 feet to 9 feet. The lakes are well stocked with carp weighing up to 85 lbs.


Bluewater Lake is known for its amenities and hospitality. They provide lodges with spacious indoor and outdoor seating with clean toilets, hot and cold running water, Free Wi-Fi, Bait Freezers, Fridge, kettle, Microwave and English plug sockets charging points for both mobile charging and boat charging.

They provide you best quality breakfast baguette and a home cooked meal in the evening which is brought to the swim. Along with the meals, free coffee and tea are also served.

Petrol station, French bakery, coffee shops, bars, local shops, tobacconist and much more are available within a three-mile radius of the lake. Also, sailing, horse riding, biking, Lac De Orient with its beaches and a skydiving centre are also nearby.


  1. No Lead core or leaders are to be used. Only tubing is to be used.
  2. No sacking of fish is allowed.
  3. All Anglers nets should be dipped before use.
  4. No barbed or barbless hooks should be used.
  5. No catfish rigs or tether rigs should be used.
  6. Braided mainline should not be used.
  7. All the carps above 60 lbs. should not be photographed out of the water.
  8. A maximum of 3 rods only to be used.
  9. Only boilies and pellets are allowed during 1st April to 1st November.
  10. Minimum 42-inch landing nets and 15 lbs. breaking strain line should be used.
  11. Fish shouldn’t be out of water for more than 2 minutes and do not stand with fish.
  12. Life jackets must always be worn on the boats.
  13. No fires, open flames, loud music or shouting is allowed across the lakes.
  14. No swimming is permitted in the lakes.
  15. All swims must be kept clean and tidy and all rubbish must be thrown in the black sacks only.
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