Crete Lakes


France is truly a wonderful place with its scenic beauty. The region is covered with many water bodies. One among them is the Crete lakes. It is located in the Picardy region of North Eastern France.

About Crete lakes

Crete lakes are stretched around an area of 130 acres and it is comprised of five beautiful lakes. The lakes were formerly gravel pits, which were dug in the mid-1970s. From then onwards, the lakes were stocked with carp and other species of fish. Previously, the place was remained undisturbed so that the different species of fish could breed and grow freely. After about three decades the lakes were set for carp fishing holiday complex.

The five lakes

Crete Lake 1 is about 9 acres in size and it is up to 5-12 feet deep. This lake is stocked with nearly 400 carp and their weight varies from 40 lbs to 70 lbs. Crete lake 2 is, in fact, the smallest among the other five lakes. It covers an area of about 6 acres and the lake is about 3 feet deep in the margin and 9 feet deep in the middle. Crete Lake 3 is a peaceful lake with an area of about 8 acres. The depth of the lake varies from 3 feet around the margin to about 8 feet in the middle. This lake is mainly stocked with Mirror Carp and Common Carp of 40lb. Crete lake 4 is long and narrow in shape with a size of 6 acres. The width of the lake is about 100 m. The depth of the lake ranges from 4-11 feet. Crete lake 5 is the largest lake among the other five Crete lakes. It is about 30 acres in size, and it allows a maximum of 20 anglers per day. The average of the lake is about 7-8 feet. This lake is packed multiple species of carp. Other species include Pike, Roach, and Rudd.


The anglers can enjoy a better fishing experience if they go for the winter months. The lakes are much calm during the winter months from November to March. The anglers can easily move around and fish pegs that they cannot get during the summer months. Moreover, they are allowed to use 4 rods.


• The bait shops provide various kinds of baits including boilies from mainline and different pop-ups and bait soaks. • The restaurants provide a full English breakfast which is served from 08:30 am -09:00 am • Unlike other carp fishing venues, bait boats are allowed here. • Crete lakes provide a large swim area, so the anglers have plenty of water to aim at. • Lastly, the onsite Landover and Trailer are of great benefit to the anglers. All the tackle of the anglers is shifted to the swim area once they have selected the fishing- spot.

Lake rules

Anglers Cannot use particles of any kind, only boilies can be used. Can never use barbed hooks. Should always use unhooking mats. Can never leave rods carelessly and unattended. Can never sack fish. Can not use braided mainline, instead, marker and spod rods can only be used.
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