Carp fishing in Les Quis


Les Quis is noted as one of the best Carp Fishing venues in France. This fishing complex is comprised of four beautiful lakes –OLD LAKE, LONG LAKE, ELF LAKE, and BAY LAKE. Les Quis established over 20 years ago and this venue is suited for all types of carp fishing. To start your fishing experience in France, in a friendly relaxed atmosphere, you would get no other alternatives other than Les Quis.

Fishing in Old Lake

Old Lake is about 11 acres in size and about 12 feet deep.  A maximum number of 6 anglers are allowed here for Carp fishing.

Fishing in Long Lake

The size of Long Lake is about 13 acres. The lake is divided into zones, and there is a bridge at the narrowest point of the lake which is wide enough for an angler to cross with all their fishing equipment. There are some swims on this lake. The lake is also lined with many huge weeping willows which act as a canopy both for the carp and the anglers.

Fishing in Elf Lake

It is a beautiful lake over 50 years old.The size of this lake is about 9.5 acres and is considered as the smallest lake of  Les Quis. The average depth of Elf Lake is about 12 feet. Many areas of the lake are quite shady which is a perfect fishing spot for the anglers.

Fishing in Bay Lake

With an area of about 14 acres, the Bay Lake is the largest among the other three lakes. Parts of the lake are a perfect area for stocking.  The calm and tranquil environment offers the best hiding place for the carp.


  • The swims at Les Quis are suitable for all types of carp fishing, it may be open water fishing or fishing to the tree-lined
  • Each of the four lakes allows a maximum number of 6 anglers offering exclusively low-density fishing, in a friendly
  • The bailiffs at Les Quis will always accompany the anglers to give them the best advice.
  • The lake-side hotels and restaurants offer a healthy meal in addition to best accommodation.
  • There is cable TV with full Sky sports package. It also offers free Wi-Fi, clean toilet, and shower/washroom facilities for both male and female.


3 hours 50 minutes from Calais.

Rules to be followed

  • Fishing in dark is considered illegal in France, except in certain designated areas.
  • The fishing rods must not be left unattended.
  • It is a punishable offence in France for the anglers to sell their caught fish.
  • The anglers are allowed to use rigs with maximum 12 hooks.
  • They cannot use more than one landing net.
  • It is forbidden to use a boat while fishing from the seashore.
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