Dreamlakes France

About the Five Lakes

Dreamlakes are located just outside the small town of Orconte in the countryside of the Champagne region of France. Five fishing lakes are found in the Dreamlakes complex. Dreamlakes are the habitat of numerous big carp and they provide complete satisfaction to the anglers fortunate enough to visit.

Dreamlake 1

Dreamlake 1 having an area of about 15 acres and depth which varies from 6-9 ft is loaded with many species of carp. This lake allows a number of 15 anglers per week. According to the current records the lake offers ‘specimen style’ fishing and regularly produces a number of big carp up to the mid-fifty pound range. Some of the species found in the lake are Mirror Carp (62lb 8oz), Common Carp (70lb 2oz) and Catfish (130 lb).

Dreamlake 2

The size of Dreamlake 2 is approximately 18 acres and depth of the lake is 5-7 ft. The lake is rectangular in shape and all the 30 swims are beautifully connected by gravel track around the lake. This lake allows only 18 anglers per week. The present records say that the lake is the home of Common Carp weighing 57 lb 12oz, the Catfish record stands at 97lb and Grass Carp weighs about 44lb 8oz.

Dreamlake 3

Dreamlake 3 was opened in May 2000. This 8-acre lake is incredible for its specimen fish with the 600 carp species. The lake is a marvellous fishing spot for a number of maximum 8 anglers. The commonly found species are Mirror Carp (49lb 12oz), Common carp (81lb 9oz), Grass Carp (56lb), and Catfish (87lb).

Dreamlake 4

After the opening of Dreamlake 4 in May 2000 over 200 carp were added in the lake. This is an attractive 4-acre lake which can boast of its eight rustic log lined swims. It provides ample room for the maximum of 4 anglers per week.  The average depth of the lake is 7-8 ft. The lake is inhabited by Common Carp of 50lb, Mirror Carp of 50lb 8oz, Catfish of 118 lb, and Grass Carp of 50lb.

Dreamlake 5

This five-acre Dreamlake 5 contains eight extremely clean and well- decorated swims for the anglers. It allows a maximum number of 5 anglers (or 6 in a group). As per the current records of 2004, this lake has Common Carp weighing 48lb 8oz, Mirror Carp which weighs about 52 lb and Catfish about 127lb.


Fishing in Dreamlakes is something of a lifetime experience for an angler. Being the home of numerous big carp the lakes provide everything that an angler would ask for.  There is an easy availability of lead, marker floats, hooks and a wide variety of other necessary tackle items for the anglers. Over the years the Dreamlakes have conducted a controlled stocking program across every lake which has helped to produce a large quantity of fish every year. Dreamlakes provide the ultimate French fishing experience.


  • The accommodation facility provided by the Dreamlakes is really remarkable. The lodges of the Dreamlakes are fully air-conditioned with a large dining area. There is also ample provision for out-door sitting for those who are fond of viewing sunshine and sunset.
  • The guests are here served with well-cooked breakfast and two –course evening meal.
  • The lodges are fully furnished with LCD TV and other necessary furniture. Free Wi-Fi is also available in every lodge.
  • There are shops with tackle and confectionary in Lakes 3, 4 and 5.
  • The anglers also get the facility of shuttle service at meal times during their stay in Lakes 3, 4 &5.

Dreamlake Rules

  • Always use micro barbed hooks for fishing.
  • Fish must not be sacked for more than 15 min.
  • The hooks must be changed at regular intervals.
  • Always use unhooking mats.
  • In case of any confusion or doubt, the anglers must always take the help of the bailiff.
  • No bait boats are allowed.
  • The anglers are not allowed to use any kind of cool boxes.
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