Etang Négreloube

A Private Estate

A good sized lake @13 acres in the Limousin area of France within it's own 60 acre private estate of woodlands and French idyllic landscape. 15 minutes from the nearest traditional southern limousin village.


A small shop with bait and necessities compliments the usual freezers wash station, toilets and showers. A Lodge where you can take breakfast if you want a break from the swim and meet the other anglers. It's also where you can take the 2 course evening meal. WIFI for keeping up and showcasing any of our fish you catch.


Fast Facts About Etang Négreloube

Lake size:13 acres
Largest carp:55lbs
Average weight:34lbs
Carp stock:200
Weekly cost:£250

The Fish

200 Carp up to 55lbs..


A variety of packages can be obtained from drive and survive currently £250, to exclusive £1750.


Learn more and book with our website.

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