Lamber Lake Normandy | France Carp Fishing


Lamber is a beautiful tree-lined lake. It is a vast area of three acres which is filled with multiple varieties of carp. The area around the Lamber Lake has a well-known historical and prestigious background. An island is present in the middle of the Lake, which is also a favourite place for the carp. It is an exotic and marvellous place where you could enjoy your best family trip or enjoy your best fishing experience at the same time. Lamber Lake is located in Lambertville in the Manche department in North-Western France.

Fishing in Lake Lamber

Though the lake remained unknown to many anglers in the recent past, a large variety of carp are present here.  After the introduction of the feeding program, and the addition of more carp to the existing numbers, anglers can easily get large-sized carp of 24lbs and even 41lbs. The lake is filled with some stunning scaled mirrors and golden common carp.


It is a perfect destination for every angler and others to spend their fishing holidays and vacation. The best means of accommodation is provided here. Most of the resorts and hotels are well-furnished and serves both native and continental cuisine. The hotels are located so close to the lake that the lake-view can easily be seen through the window. The anglers are free to set their bivvy anywhere they desire around their swims. They can enjoy this facility due to the ubiquitous lawn all around the lake.

Getting ThereFerry from the UK makes the most sense and you can choose your port accordingly:

  1. Caen: 48min
  2. Cherbourg: 1hr 05min
  3. St Malo: 1hr 40min
  4. Calais:4hr 18min


Certain rules are always followed during carp fishing in France. These rules are mainly made for the protection of the carp and to provide the anglers with a top-class fishing experience.

  • It is necessary for all rod holders to have a fishing license.
  • The maximum quantity of rod per angler is two.
  • The angler must carry their own landing net and their private carp unhooking mat.
  • Bait boats are not allowed in any of the lakes of France.
  • Barbless hooks are only permitted.
  • The anglers are supposed to arrive at 4 pm and leave the fishing area by 10 pm.
  • No sacking of fish is allowed. The anglers are requested to use safe rigs, and they must make sure that the lead set up must slide over any shock leader knot.
  • Only bait boats are permitted in the carp fishing lake, no angler can use the rowboat.
  • Swimming or playing loud music is not allowed in the carp fishing lake as this may disturb the marine creatures.
  • To maintain the cleanliness of the premises it is requested to every angler that please do not throws your litters around, make use of the bins provided to you.
  • The anglers can use only the floating boats under constant supervision of the wildlife vigilance.
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