Les Burons

Les Burons Drive and Survive and Accommodation

Situated among 9 acres of lovely French countryside is Les Burons. A tranquil setting to aim for the 50 lb carp inside.
A mobile home is optional accommodation in addition to the hard bivvies. Also food packages can be purchased for your convenience. Hard bivvies are available around the lake to help you survive!
The hard bivvies feature electric for your own convenience and can for example accommodate your own tv's.


Learn more about this venue with their own website.


  • Reel line to be a minimum of 15lb.
  • No braided mainlines, leadcore or any kind of shock/snag leader
  • No fixed leads.

  • Barbless hooks or microbarb only, no bent hooks.

  • No rods to be left unattended (sods law it’ll rip off when your away!)

  • No fish to be sacked under any circumstances.

  • Fish to be returned as quickly as possible, whilst on mat keep the fish wet (bucket in every swim), Always hold fish over mat, DO NOT STAND UP WITH FISH!!

  • Antiseptic e.g. (Klin-ic Tamodine)  or Bonjela are compulsory

  • The boat is only to be used to free snagged fish.

  • No nuts, seeds or pulses to be used other than hemp and sweetcorn

  • No shelf life boiled baits

  • 3 rods per angler

  • Any Goo products are not to be used on the lake anyone caught using them will be asked to leave.

  • Landing nets and unhooking mats are provided and free of charge but a deposit of £50 is required to ensure that the items will not get damaged

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