Martins’ Lakes

Overview of the Martin's Lakes

Located in the Dordogne region of France, Martins' Lakes gets the plural form of it's name because it comprises of 3 lakes. Each of these lakes is set within a beautiful location backdropped by the views of the countryside. The area spreads over 80 acres and is the perfect place to plan a holiday outing. There is also a 3 bedroom cottage to accommodate 6 guests and it just overlooks the lakes. Coarse fishing is free with a booking at this Gite on the coarse lake. If you are after specimens then we offer a great discount to book the Gite and Specimen lake as a whole package.

Being located in the Bergerac region you can arrive by plane from various airports and because of this you can rent tackle and get an airport transfer too, so you really can plug and play.

The Fishing

The Specimen acre lake is one of the 3 lakes that you can book either at particular points or the whole lake spread over 7 acres. The place is filled with koi carp, catfish, black bass and a lot more.

Then there is the Jungle lake with an extremely beautiful location and isolated from the rest of the place, allowing an extra bit of privacy.


The place provides you with 3 bedrooms that have facilities to accommodate 6 people. There are 2 bathrooms having shower and toilet facilities. The kitchen is stuffed with all necessities and overlooks the dining room. From the dining, you will get beautiful view of the lake.

Other facilities include a 25ft pool, TV, DVD player and Wifi connectivity. 

There is also a table tennis board and a washing machine.

Overall the place always has basic arrangements neatly done for guests staying for a week or two. 

Specimen Lake

Of note the specimen lake which can be booked separate to the Gite with a maximum of 5 anglers or 6 if exclusively booked has cats up to 80 and carp up to 50lb.


You are allowed to enter the place as late as 4 pm but no longer after 9 pm. Also, the usual departure timing is Saturdays by 10 am.

  1. If you do not book the whole lake, a maximum of 4 anglers is allowed at a time.
  2. If you are taking your children, you need to ensure that you are with them if they want to explore fishing on the lakes.
  3. You are not allowed any plastic or imitation baits or nuts. No particle baits except fully-cooked sweetcorn, maize and hemp, limited to1kg per day.
  4. A maximum of 3 rods is allowed per person.
  5. No sacking or retention of catfish and carp.
  6. When photos are taken, the fish must be properly supported and at ground level. Fish over 30lbs must be photographed either on the weighing mat or supported by/held over the water.
  7. All fish to be returned to the water as quickly as possible by supporting them in the water until they swim away.
  8. No permanently fixed lead rigs to be used.
  9. No double hook rigs for catfish.
  10. Micro barb hooks strongly recommended
  11. Landing nets must have arms of at least 42”.
  12. Baited rods must not be left unattended.
  13. No live-baits to be brought in from outside the property.
  14. The main line must be at least 15lb breaking strain.
  15. Any hook wounds must be treated with disinfectant.
  16. Life-jackets must be worn at all times in the boat(s).
  17. No wading beyond 1.5m of the bank.
  18. The chalet must be left in the condition in which it was found.
  19. No unauthorised visitors allowed.
  20. No fires
  21. Strictly no litter, you should be using the bin provided.
  22. No unruly behaviour.

Martin's Lakes

A variety of options for a super vacation in France. Big carp and Cats included!

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