Mirror Lake and Mirror Image Lake

Overview of the Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake France offers you the exclusive French carp fishing experience with its two carp lakes which you can book exclusively for your fishing trip. Located in the South West France, Mirror Lake is the perfect destination for both experienced and novice anglers.

Spread over an area of more than 6 acres, Mirror Lakes France is just a few miles away from the beautiful town of St.Yrieix. It has two lakes Mirror Lake and Mirror Image Lake which has a lot of exciting surprise stored for you. Set in the woods and surrounded by wildlife, this lake is the best Carp Anglers Paradise.

The Fishing

Set in the beautiful tranquil countryside, surrounded by woods, the Mirror Lake is spread over 6acres with a depth level of 10 feet. The fish is well stocked with over 150 fish ranging from Grass Carp up to 50lbs., Common and Mirror carp up to 65lbs., Koi's, Sturgeon and catfish. The second lake is Mirror Image lake spread over acres with a depth of 7 feet with over 250 fish waiting to be explored.


You can book either the lakes or individual lakes exclusively for you. It also gives its customers the facility of 24/7 non-stop fishing. You will also get wooden cabins with cooking facilities, toilets, showers, electricity, lighting, fridge, cutlery, crockery, safety deposit boxes ad hand basins. Along with this, you get 6 two man bivvy’s, 6 chairs, 10ft rowing boat, 6 carp cradles, and 5 tripods for weighing and weigh slings.

Some of the facilities at Mirror Lakes


  1. Maximum limit of rods is 3 per angler.
  2. No rods are to be left unattended even for a short time.
  3. Use of Safe rigs only
  4. Only Barbless hooks and micro barbed hooks are to be used.
  5. All personally owned nets and cradles need to be dipped.
  6. No sacking of fish.
  7. NO Lead Core, leaders or braided lines are to be used.
  8. Fresh boilies are to be used only, maximum of 20 Kg per angler.
  9. No nuts, seeds and particles are to be used.
  10. Use of weigh slings to safely transport the fish from the water.
  11. Keep the fish wet at all times.
  12. Clinic, iodine or similar products must be used on all catches.
  13. Carp above 60 Lbs. must be photographed in water.
  14. All rubbish, bottles, cigarette ends, fishing gear and food leftovers must be placed in the bins provided only.
  15. Entry into neighboring property is prohibited.
  16. Bonfires, candles and open flames are not allowed.
  17. Keep the lakeside/cabin/washrooms/boat clean and tidy at all times.
  18. 18. Do not stand with the fish in your hands.

Official Website

For more in depth information click or tap across to the official mirror lakes website.

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