Moulicent | Private Carp Lake France

Ideal Exclusive Lake for 3 Anglers

For 333 pounds per angler and including a free non fishing guest this lake could work out the best option for a weeks fishing within easy reach.

Moulicent Lake France
Jonathan Marshall Mirror Carp from Moulicent

An Unspoilt and Private Lake

Moulicent offers a tranquil and private fishing experience exclusively for your party. As you can see there are no roads and the lake is surrounded by trees. Moulicent is around 3 acres in size. Located in Normandy it is within easy reach from the French ports. With a maximum of 3 anglers per week in each swim you will get plenty of space.

The Fish

The fish are of a very good size with the lake record over 60lb and an average size of 30lb. The fish are chipped too so the data about your catches makes it even more interesting.

"I can accurately tell you that (as of November 2017) there are 79 carp in Moulicent with 9 over 50lb+  and 22 between 40-50lb up to a lake record of 61lb (April 2016) the average weight across the board is 31lb02oz"

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