An Introduction to Chod Rigs How To and When To Use

An Introduction to Chod Rigs How To and When To Use

chod rig


Chod is a fishing term that loosely refers to debris such as fallen leaves or heavy silt and or weed on the bottom. In Autumn and into winter if you are fishing hard to the deck in chod you really are making life difficult for the carp to find your bait. Chod rigs are designed to sit above the 'chod' on the bottom. They can be naked (sliding over fluorocarbon line) or sliding over lead core. It is something that is best explained in a video. We have selected this video as it is easy to understand and see the rig! If you use a naked monofilament you will lose your biggest fish due to mono lacking the abrasive strength or having the hooklink sliding against the line, it's not like it's a knot!

Chod Rig Animation

In this video we see an animation of how to tie a chod rig by FOX.

Nigel Sharp Fishing Chod

Nigel is a big fan of lead core and as you will see in this video doesn't allow at all often a naked chod rig, if he does he uses a lead core protected end to the lead to stop abrasion.

When Not To Use a Chod?

If the bottom is 'quite' clean then using a chod rig makes less sense as you lose some benefits of hooking since the chod has this sliding nature. Consider using a hinged stiff link rig instead. Some anglers insist that you get bigger fish by popping up th bait clearly above your free samples.

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