Pellet takes first fish of 2018

Pellet takes first fish of 2018

It’s been busy so I haven’t had much opportunity to get a fish in and let it be known I’m a fair weather type..

I had also my first rod pod to try out as I’m hard core old school with banksticks previously.

I was fishing a good day ticket water called fields end that would allow me to test everything for an evening session.

For a while I thought I might blank.

I think my inline feeder is too hard and fast on the bottom here and I need a better rig..

My other rod Wilson Avon I set up with a Polaris float and Preston method feeder 2mm feed and 14m pellet or something like that. I think it had yet to produce a fish.

When I arrived I saw just one smaller fish out otherwise no one looked busy!

They were not feeding but I know the fish turn on like a switch here. When they did it was still quiet but the reeds to my right were moving so I dropped the rig right next to them to the right of my tip. Boom the float slid away and optonic chirped..

It was a long fight as this is a lighter setup but I got a run and s fish in 2018!

13lb roughly a nice conditioned fish.

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