Carp Fishing on River Ebro

River Ebro

The river Ebro is the second largest river situated in the Iberian Peninsula. It is the longest river of Spain. The best time for carp fishing in river Ebro is during the winter months. The carps in the Ebro gather in large shoals during the winter months and provide the anglers with the best fishing experience. Fishing during the spring months of March to May is also amazing as it is the best time for the fish to spawn.

Fishing in River Ebro

Fishing on the dammed part of river Ebro is really marvellous as there are many deep as well as shallow areas, fast and slow flowing areas. The fishing arrangement on the Ebro is unique. Here the guides will pick you up every morning at a pre-arranged time and take you to the fishing spot with all your tackle set. You would also be provided with a breakfast and lunch on the bank, where you are fishing. The guides are always ready to give you the best advice on your fishing method.

Spain allows carp fishing by law from one hour prior to sunrise till one hour after sunset. But night fishing is not allowed here.  But this will not reduce your catch, as the Carps are wary of the Catfish and they hardly feed during the night to avoid being caught by the Catfish.

Though winter and spring are the best fishing months for the anglers, fishing during the summer months is also exciting. You only have to pack the following items in your luggage.

For summer

  • Camera
  • Fishing clothes for daytime
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • After sun cream
  • Insect repellent cream/lotion
  • Swim Gear
  • Pool towel

For winter

  • Camera
  • Warm fishing suites
  • Waterproofs
  • Boots

If you do not want to make your luggage heavy with fishing equipment or hooks and other sharp items then you can look for two tackle shops in Mequinenza.


The following are some of the facilities provided to all the anglers.          

  • Quality accommodation along with an unrivalled guiding service.
  • Free transport facility throughout your stay in any of the hotels.
  • A lifetime experience in carp fishing, through the professional fishing guide.
  • The food delivery service is awesome.
  • All fishing licenses are provided.
  • Bait and hire boats are also available.

Fishing Rules

  • Live bait is strictly prohibited in Ebro River and in almost all the rivers in Spain.
  • Only dead Sardine is allowed as a bait.
  • Fishing nets are not allowed
  • It is must to use your current and active fishing license.
  • Night fishing is banned. Only members of Catalonia get permission to fish all night.
  • Keeping live fish in nets is not permissible.
  • Maximum two rods per fisherman is allowed
  • The fishermen are not allowed to make a loud noise on the fishing premises.
  • It is the duty of every angler to maintain the scenic beauty of the river by not making the river dirty.
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