Extrema Carp Fishing | Fishing in Orellana

Carp fishing in Orellana is a lifetime achievement for those who are passionate about fishing.  This beautiful lake was created by the damming of the river Guadiana. It was created in 1961, and it covers an area of 37 km long flooded valley. This venue has already produced Carp to over 70lbs, and there is also a chance of getting many larger carp in this lake.


Fishing in Orellana

Orellana is rich with different species of fish. The main target species are Black Bass, Pike, and Comizo Barbel. The Comizo Barbel is a legendary fish, and it is not easy to catch this fish. But an experienced fisherman can catch this species with a right effort and tactics. Comizo weighing up to 37 lb are caught, and their size can also increase to over 40lb. Other species include Carp and Big Channel Cats.

This incredible fishing location is carefully researched and studied for over the last 14 years. Hence, you will get an unforgettable Carp Fishing experience over here.


 Fishing equipment

  • Nash 3lb TC rods, bank sticks/pod, spod and marker rod, landing nets, unhooking mats, scales, and weigh sling are all
  • A 2 man Bivvy each is also provided, along with a Nash Bed-Chair, Bivvy table, cool boxes and catering equipment. All these ensure a comfortable fishing session.



You can easily hire car from all airports, or the same can be organized by the following means.

Madrid shuttle service

This service will cost you only 75 Euros. Arrival time is 10 am and the departure time is around 11 am. It is available on three weekdays- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (16th June -16th September)

Private taxi

Up to 4 people can seat.


The nearest airports are Madrid, Malaga, and Seville.

Orellana has never been an easier fishing place without the new ‘Fly and Survive Package’. After your arrival to Extremadura, you could easily avail one of the 4x4 vehicles, to reach your fishing destination. You can get cooking facilities. Groceries and food will be provided to you by the bank.

 For accommodation, you can opt for the typical Spanish ‘Casa Rural’. The rooms are beautifully furnished with TV, air-condition, and heaters. Other facilities include free Wi-Fi, open fire living room, and a terrace BBQ area.

You can enjoy a free continental breakfast which is included in your package.


Rules and Regulations to be followed

  • A fishing license is a must for every rod holders.
  • Maximum two rods are permissible to each angler.
  • No bait boats are allowed.
  • Floating baits are allowed only under constant vigilance to wildlife
  • One must not leave their rods unattended, or leave their peg with any fish caught.
  • Fish must be reintroduced into the water after 5 minutes of their landing.
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