Fishing in Sierra Brava with Carpers Paradise

Overview of Sierra Brava

Sierra Brava covers a vast area of 4077 acres in size. And this lake is one of Spain’s newer carp waters situated in the Extremadura region in Spain. It was created in 1996 by the damming of the river Pizaroso. The lake is divided into two halves, the top half comprises of a large fishing area, and the bottom half has many inlets and small bays. Initially when this lake was created, 15,000 common and mirror carp along with some larger fish were introduced into the lake. Some of these fish have already reached an enormous size of 70lbs. So, this is a perfect destination to spend your fishing holidays.  


This fishing holiday location is crowded with anglers coming from various regions of Spain and Europe. Here you can enjoy fishing, where the size of the fish may vary from 20 lbs to 50lb. However, due to overstocking in the recent years, it is becoming difficult to catch fish of 40lbs. The lake is still filled with much big fish but catching them is becoming difficult nowadays due to the increasing numbers of small fish. Here you can indulge in 24 hours fishing (including night fishing).


If you opt for fly and survive package and unwilling to cook during your holiday stay in Sierra Brava, then the best option is to go for an All-inclusive on the bank food service. This includes a delicious breakfast of baguette and a variety of home-made dishes cooked by the lakeside hotels. Breakfast time is 10 am and the evening meal time is 7pm-8pm (timings may vary). Other facilities include -
  • You can avail the transport facility to and from the airport to Lake Sierra Brava. The nearest Airports are Seville and Madrid.
  • You would get a 24-hour guide as well.
  • If you are interested to cook, then you can get stove and cooking equipment.
  • You can get rowing boat with motor, echo sounder, battery and life jackets for 75 Euros per week.

General rules

  • Customers must bring their Carp Care Products
  • No fires are allowed here
  • To maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the place the customers are likely to throw all the litters in the Bin Bags provided.
  • No screaming, shouting or any kind of loud behaviour by the customers are allowed
  • The customers are liable to be charged if they break or damage any of the fishing equipment.
  • All fish caught by the anglers must be returned to the lake as early as possible.
  • The customers cannot use any fixed –lead rigs or any unattended rods. They can only use barbed hooks.
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