Sunglasses That Work For Watersports

Sunglasses That Work For Watersports

You may have already experienced the difference posed by polarised lenses. They certainly help you to see under the water by a very good margin.

How Do Polarised Lenses Work?

A filter is a mechanism that can block certain kinds of light and let others through. Think of it working like a sieve, you want your flour to go through but stop the lumps. In our case the lumps are reflected light. The light comes from the sun and hits the lake surface. It is unwanted light.
Reflected light from the surface of the water actually stops you seeing the real picture. Getting some polarised lenses show you generally clearer views in everyday life too.

Try different lense colours too. Here is a table but we always recommend testing to see what works best. The colour has a lesser effect than polarisation.

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