TopCats Fresh Water Fishing

Thailand requires no introduction as it is one of the world’s famous holiday destinations, and in the recent past, it has also become one of the favourite fishing destinations for the anglers.

Topcats fishery of Thailand is built on the island of Koh Samui. It covers an area of about 6 acres which is packed with a large variety of freshwater species of both native and some of the imported fish of Thailand.

Fishing experience in Thailand

Thailand can boast of its world’s largest freshwater fish with some of the Thai’s experienced fishing guides. Topcats fishery has over 4000 species of fish, of which over 30 different species are meant to be caught for fishing enjoyment. Due to the perfect climatic condition, the natural food chain and the protein-rich balanced diet the fish can breed here in a better and healthy way. It has a record of producing Giant Siamese Carp which weighs up to 29 kg/65 lb. Its wide variety of species includes Arapaima Gigas, Redtail Catfish, Sorubim, Alligator Gar, Chaophraya Catfish and Giant Snakehead. The fishery has a wide variety of monster fish species such as Giant freshwater stingrays, Mekong Catfish and Giant Siamese Carp.


Topcats provide some exclusive facilities to its anglers by proving them with authentic teak rice barges which are fully air-conditioned.

Top class accommodation facilities are also provided to the visiting anglers.

Here the anglers can make their fishing holidays a lifetime experience by tasting the wide selection of food from the well-known restaurants of Thailand.

Food and drink are available throughout the day. And all the swims have a shady area where the non-anglers can also enjoy themselves.

The fishing guides are always there to help the anglers. They advise them to adopt the best technique of fishing and to use the right quality and amount of bait to catch fish.

Topcats Tackle is highly preferred by the anglers as they provide expert local knowledge guides and instructors.

Here the anglers get the facility to choose top quality rods and reels which are either for sale or for hire.

The home-made boilies are also a special attraction and they come in a wide variety of range and flavours and their sizes vary from 12 to 24 mm.

Rules to be followed during carp fishing

The following rules are meant to be followed to protect the marine life and fish stocks, and at the same time to provide the anglers with an enjoyable experience.

  • You must provide your rod license while fishing if you are of 12 years age or elder than that.
  • You can carry maximum 2 rods.
  • No bait boats are allowed.
  • Micro barbs or snapped off barb are strictly prohibited. Only barbless hooks are allowed.
  • Every angler must carry their own landing net or carp hooking mat.
  • You are not supposed to leave your rods unattended or leave your peg with any fish caught in it.
  • Every fish should be reintroduced into the water after five minutes of its catch.

Lastly, anyone being caught taking fish would be highly punishable.

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