Jurassic Mountain Fishing Park

Jurassic Fishing Park provides you the world’s largest carp and Amazon predator fishing in Thailand. It is located in central Thailand and is one of the best fishing spots for anglers. In respect to its connectivity, it is only less than 2 hours drive from Bangkok, 10 minutes from Cha Am Beach, and 25 minutes away from Hua-Hin town. It is the perfect place for anglers, holidaymakers, and expatriate who are interested in fishing. It covers an area of 4.75 acres of water reaching depth up to 15 ft.

Fishing experience

The fishing lake is beautifully designed and excavated to execute the purpose of sports fishing in Thailand. Here the anglers are bound to get perfect comfort and convenience while fishing. The lake has a variety of specimen carp which includes Arapaima weighing 130 kg, while Siamese carp of 50 lbs is quite common. Other species include Mekong Giant Catfish, Indian Carp, Amazon Redtail Catfish, Tambaqui, Niger Ripsaw Catfish and many more monster fish.

Here the anglers are provided with shaded bamboo bivvy (sala) so that they can enjoy the perfect fishing pleasure. In addition to these, the anglers can also order food and drinks during their swims and get the facility of on-site toilets and showers.


Jurassic Fishing Park is a perfect destination for every guest where they can enjoy among the beautiful tropical landscape and the water is filled with multiple species of fish. Some of the facilities provided to the guests are mentioned below.

  • The guests can enjoy their fishing holidays in some of the idyllic resort which provides swimming pool and Jacuzzi, recreational seating areas and some of the world-famous restaurant and bars where there is ample supply of Thai, English and International cuisine.
  • Apart from fishing, the anglers can indulge themselves in other activities like cycling, hiking in the nearby National Park, watching bird and bats.
  • All the necessary fishing equipment such as fishing tackle and rings, hooks etc are provided by the EFT( Exotic Fishing Thailand).


  • As most of the species of fish are very rare and of the largest in the world the main aim is to protect the species. So, it is compulsory for every angler to follow the instruction of the guide.
  • No anglers are allowed to take the fish to the bank. If any angler desires to take photograph with the fish they caught, they have to go into the water. Before entering the water they are advised to open their watches, rings, necklaces etc.
  • Carp fishing hook links should not be more than 100 mm between the hook and feeder.
  • The anglers must inform the guide by blowing whistle once they have hooked a fish.
  • Alcohol or other unidentified drinks are never allowed in the fishing premises.
  • The anglers must not strike fish too hard or more than once, as they might be injured.
  • All junior anglers under 18 are to be fully and carefully attended by their guardian and the lake authority is not responsible for their security.
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