New Bungsamran

Overview of New Bungsamran

The New Bungsamran fishing park was opened on 31st March 2017. It covers an area of about 139,000 Square meters and a depth of 50 m. The lake is stocked with more than forty different species of fish. The Old Bungsamran which was opened in 1984 was closed on 30th of March 2017. With the opening of the New Bungsamran on 31st March, all the fish were moved to this new lake. The New Bungsamran is only 35 km away from the famous Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Fishing in New Bungsamran

Fishing in this lake is quite exciting and entertaining. The lake is packed with more than 40,000 Mekong Giant Catfish weighing up to 200 kg. About 4000 Giant Siamese Carp up to 100 kg is quite common. Other species include Arapaima, Chao Phraya Catfish, Alligator Gar, Barramundi, Redtail catfish and many more of these kinds are available here. Any angler with a genuine fishing license has a complete accessibility. New Bungsamran fishing price list is listed below
  • Fishing License/Rod/Round                                    4000 baht
  • Rod Rental/Round (deposit 1000 baht)                500 baht
  • Large Net Rental/ Round ( deposit 200 baht)      60 baht
  • Fishing Guide ( 8 hours)                                          1000 baht
  • Bait bag of 6 kg                                                         500 baht
  • Bait bag of 25 kg                                                       620 baht

Other Facilities

The lake is well-planned with a lakeside restaurant, mini market, café, fishing tackle shop and 24 hours reception facilities that are happy and always ready to help their guests. The fishing venue has some of the exotic restaurants which provide multiple cuisines starting from local Thai to Japanese, Indian, and Italian dishes. The New Bungsamran is featured with best accommodation facility. The hotels, restaurants, and cafes are there to satisfy every need of the guests and anglers. Some of the facilities offered by the hotels include free Wi-Fi, Airport shuttle, fitness centre, swimming pools, spa and many more.

Rules to be followed in New Bungsamran Fishing Park

  • To make the fishing park a sociable experience only two anglers are allowed to fish per day.
  • No anglers are allowed to bring any illegal drugs at this fishing park.
  • The anglers are not supposed to enter in the waters of Bungsamran. In case of any accident or mishap, the Fishing Park authority is not liable to take any responsibility.
  • No outside food or drinks are allowed in Bungsamran.
  • Outside baits are also not allowed here.
  • Every angler must possess their own landing nets while fishing.
  • Loud music is strictly prohibited in the fishing park.
  • The anglers must maintain the beauty and hygiene of the place. They must make a proper use of the litter bags to dispose of their waste.
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