Siamese Carp Fishing Lakes

About the Lakes

Siamese lakes are situated on a private estate, and probably it is the first dedicated Giant Siamese Carp Fishery in South East Asia. The lakes are bounded by jungle, paddy fields, and mountains and are just 30 minutes away from the Udon Thani Airport. There are two lakes on the estate with Giant Siamese Carp weighing over 100lbs.The lakes are the perfect destination for carp fishing for both the beginners and experienced anglers.

Fishing Experience in the Two Lakes

Screaming Reels Lake

It is an ideal lake for the beginners to start their fishing experience with Siamese Carp to 30 lbs. An angler or a group can take the whole lake on a rent basis to enjoy the best fishing experience. All anglers are provided with tackle and two rods (per person).

Redfin Lake

Unlike the Screaming Reels Lake, this lake is just perfect for the experienced anglers. Here they will get a good stock of Giant Siamese Carp from 25lbs to 100 lbs which they can add to their fishing list. This lake is restricted to 2 anglers per day or a group booking. Every angler is provided with all tackle and two rods. The basic package also includes 3 kilos of ground bait.

Services and Facilities

The best accommodation facility is available near the lakes. Here the anglers can enjoy the best refreshing drink, along with a better quality meal at the Lake View Café and bar. Moreover, the cafes and restaurants near the lakes offer the customers with varieties of traditional Thai food and English Cuisine. Here in Siamese Carp Fishing Lakes, the anglers can enjoy full English speaking guides who can fulfil the need of every beginner by giving them proper advice on tackle bait and rigs. All the transport requirements are well-maintained here, beginning from flights, airport pickups, and taxis.

Specific Rules

  1. The fishing interval of Exotic Fishing Thailand is between 08:00 am to 07:00 pm.
  2. Every angler is supposed to pay their fishing ticket after their arrival on the fishing lake.
  3. If an angler loses their rod or reel in the lake, then he has to pay an amount of 8,000 baht as fine. A broken rod is also charged for 4,000 baht.
  4. No wire traces are to be used while fishing, only hook links are to be used.
  5. The anglers should use hook links which are not more than 100 mm between the hook and feeder. They must also avoid deep hooking.
  6. No boats can be used by the anglers.
  7. If any fish is injured during fishing it must be immediately reported.
  8. No swimming or wading along the lake is allowed. If an angler wishes to be photographed with his/her catch, then only he can enter the lake after being instructed by the guide.
  9. No loud music or shouting is allowed in the fishing area.
  10. It is requested to every angler to maintain the beauty of the lake and to throw their unused and waste things to the litter bags provided.
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