Yorkshire Pudding for Bait?

Yorkshire Pudding for Bait?


Date: 19 Feb 2018 A rookie angler left her fellow fishermen stunned when she hooked a wary carp by using floating YORKSHIRE PUDDING as bait. Molly Payne was enjoying a dangle on one of her local lakes when she spotted the fish were shoaled up near to the surface. Pictured: Molly with the carp she caught using a yorkshire pudding as bate! Words: Essex News and Pictures.

What is the weird bait that worked for you?

Why not comment below on baits that have worked for you in the past..

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  1. landed says:

    I actually can see the advantages of being the bait can be well hooked , crust being a problem as it comes off the hook after a while, yorkie pud would stay on in my mind..this could be a bait to try for summer!

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